With DRiPP Give Back, we support baristas, bartenders, mixologists, and other professionals in the specialty beverages industry. Focusing on education, community, and social sectors, we offer free educational classes through roadshows, support community programs such as gatherings and competitions, and contribute to enriching the skills and experiences of industry professionals.

DRiPP Flavour is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the planet through four pillars: DRiPP Point collects used syrup bottles, DRiPP Planting supports NGOs with their carbon offsetting projects, DRiPP Packaging offers low-carbon packaging to help outlets reduce their carbon footprint, and DRiPP Recycle & Upcycle collects DRiPP Syrup bottles for recycling and upcycling. Join us in our mission to make sustainability a part of our business practices!

DRiPP on the Road brings the DRiPP mobile bar to life with our DRiPP Bar Truck, a stylish VW Combi transformed into a fully functional bar truck. This iconic truck has greeted many customers at various coffee and culinary festivals, both indoor and outdoor. Experience the charm and taste of DRiPP at our next event!

The official distributor program for DRiPP Flavour, one of the best gourmet syrup brands in Indonesia. DRiPP Network offers support for distributors, sub-distributors, and resellers to help them grow their businesses and enhance profitability in a collaborative and supportive environment.

The DRiPP Challenge is an innovative drink creation competition for industry professionals. In this exciting challenge, we invite baristas and bartenders to showcase their creativity and share their creations on social media platforms. Join the DRiPP Challenge and let your innovative spirit shine!